The road to better health: What is The Autoimmune Protocol?

Navigating the internet in search of remedies (or just answers!) can be like dodging your way through a mine-field. Much of the information out there is useless, unaccredited, misinterpreted or downright dangerous. With every ailment I’ve experienced I have found myself trawling through hundreds of pages of contradictory advice – everything from rubbing onion juice on your scalp to steroid injections for Alopecia Areata through to zero-fibre diets for Crohn’s Disease. The advice for Crohn’s is what really gets me riled. The medical industry suggests pumping you with anti-inflammatory drugs and that you follow a high carb, stodgy diet with minimal fibre to help alleviate diarrhea. At the opposite end of the scale the nutritional therapists will advise that you cut out all of that beige food and LOAD UP on your veggies. After 2 months of following such a diet I can assure you that the nutritional therapists have got it right.

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