It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!!!


This is me right now. I’ve turned into Agnes. If you don’t get the reference you just have to watch this little clip of her in the film Despicable Me – her quote is adorable!

I’m referring to my hair of course… those ghastly bald patches have disappeared and my hair is growing back incredibly well. I am so so pleased and I just want to share this update with you in my latest video below.

Despite how happy I am at the moment I have learned to follow my own advice and not to get too carried away with excitement. Getting caught up on an emotionalΒ high would only make further hair loss that much harder to cope with. Anyone with AA will know that it can fall out just as quickly as it grewΒ back so it’s best to remain in the middle, calm and detached. Like Buddha, let’s say ;). But of course it’s only human to get a bit excited!

If you’re new to my blog and my videos please have a read about the diet I am following here and check out my youtube page here.


8 thoughts on “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!!!

  1. Hi! I have suffered from AA for years now. I am 33 and I have lost all of my hair five times. It is almost back in again and I expect to not have to wear a wig anymore here in just a few weeks……except I noticed some other patches to start. AGAIN. I am on clobetasol spray. Its the only thing that has kept the inflammation down and helped my hair grow back, except you can not use it all the time and I have never taken the injections. I am a firm believer that diet is everything. I have switched my diet up a few times and it always helps with the hair loss. Thank you for posting your videos and pictures. That’s exactly the same pattern how my hair falls out every time and it is so disheartening to go to doctors who run blood tests and they all come back fine or borderline and they all tell you the same thing….your just fine, maybe you have too much stress in your life and to just better get used to the fact that your hair may never grow back. That’s not acceptable to me because I never have really felt good in the first place, so I know it has to be fixable. I actually cant say the last time I have actually felt “good”. I bought the book you suggested in your video and I am excited for it to get here and to start the road to recovery for good.. Again, thanks for all of your videos and information. I do have one question for you though…….how long was it before you noticed that your hair quit falling out when you started the diet and when did you notice regrowth??


    • I’m totally with you there! The doctors are clueless! And what annoys me post is that they’re so wrapped up in their individual specialisms (dermatology, gastroenterology…) that they fail to see the bigger picture in that they’re all connected by one thing: autoimmunity. My dermatologist that I saw for many years would just keep injecting me every few months and tell me to come back for more whenever I saw a new patch. That way it’s a never ending cycle and doesn’t get to the root cause!
      Anyway, I’m so glad you’ve found the videos to be beneficial. Best of luck to you with the diet!
      It’s very difficult for me to remember how long it took before I noticed regrowth because I experiemented with some semi-paleo diets before AIP. I would say I began a sugar free GAPS diet in late April until mid-May and then I followed SCD for a month until mid June and from mid June until now I have been following full AIP diet. I have a friend that is a nutritional therapist and she has told me that to allow for healing of the gut to take place and therefore repair throughout the immune system and entire body (your hair), a minimum 30 days can be enough to show some improvements but 3-4 months is a much more realistic time scale to allow for the body to truly start rebuilding itself. Anywhere along that timeline will be where a person has rebuilt their body enough for the hair to start coming back through again.


      • I have gone vegetarian, vegan, used supplements of all sorts. I have never had much success, but my hair loss wasn’t as bad when I was vegan and gluten free. I have however had food allergy testing done and I am neither allergic to dairy or gluten…but I feel awful after eating both, so go figure! My hair loss is quite significant, I found a new patch last night, its been never ending really.


  2. Hi Stella

    I came across your blog after finding your videos on youtube and im so glad I did! My autoimmunue paleo approach book arrived yesterday so i’ll be joining you on this new diet! Its so good to see positive results and I hope it continues for you πŸ™‚

    How did you find the first 30 days? I have such a sweet tooth so I think i’m going to struggle not being able to eat chocolate and cake!!


    • Aw I’m so glad you have found the videos helpful! Do let me know how you get on with the diet! I’d love to hear some good results. The first 30 days were pretty tough in terms of sugar as I too have a sweet tooth. Chocolate is what was getting through my low days before the diet! Once you start feeling better you soon forget about all those treats though. You’ll soon find other alternatives – medal dates are my favourite at the moment. They’re so sweet they’re like caramels πŸ˜€
      Other than that I have found the diet not to be too difficult. There’s so many AIP recipes and blogs online and Mickey Trescott’s cookbook ‘The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook’ is a godsend xx


      • Thank you! I will purchase the cookbook and let you know how I get on! I have had AA for around 7 years and the most problematic area for me is at the back and I am just so sick of getting injections! I have never thought that diet can help so I am looking forward to hopefully seeing positive results πŸ™‚ xx


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