Is everything I eat organic? No.

Is everything I eat organic? Quite simply, no.

I’ve noticed there is a lot of anxiety in the AIP community about the affordability of organic vegetables and pastured meat and it often leaves people believing that they can’t follow the protocol. That simply isn’t true. If you can’t afford organic, you can’t afford it. That doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from a paleo diet. I have healed tremendously and only a small fraction of what I have eaten has been organic.
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Reintroductions: Where I stand – Feb 2016

I’ve intended to write this post for a while now but I’ve been slowed recently by my search for a new job, studying, and lots of changes at home. Just as I finally got down to typing last week I was struck with my first cold in YEARS!! I’ve been aware that despite being incredibly ill with crohn’s, a bout of arthritis and on-going alopecia over the past few years, I haven’t once caught the flu or even a brief cold! It then occurred to me that this may actually have been down to the fact that my immune system had been on such overdrive with it’s attack response that those little bugs didn’t stand a chance! Until now. YAY! I see it as a good sign that I caught a cold; it tells me that my immune system has genuinely calmed down. I was pretty chuffed!

Anyway, down to business. A popular question I receive from followers is:

‘How do you manage reintroductions and gauge reactions with a condition like alopecia, which, doesn’t make itself apparent until it’s too late and the hair has already fallen?’
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