Is everything I eat organic? No.

Is everything I eat organic? Quite simply, no.

I’ve noticed there is a lot of anxiety in the AIP community about the affordability of organic vegetables and pastured meat and it often leaves people believing that they can’t follow the protocol. That simply isn’t true. If you can’t afford organic, you can’t afford it. That doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from a paleo diet. I have healed tremendously and only a small fraction of what I have eaten has been organic.

I buy anything organic that is on special offer, discounted or reduced at the end of the day but the majority of my food isn’t. Particularly the meat – yikes! It’s far too expensive for me. This is partly because I’ve had to make a compromise. When I flared with Crohn’s last year I had to move back home to my parents (and I’m still there!). The only way I could make AIP work for me was to help out my mum by cooking for the whole family myself. Yes, everybody mostly eats AIP with me and I sometimes make them a few non-compliant additions too.

As you can imagine, cooking for five people  is way more expensive than cooking for one. Put it this way: £1 for a small bag of organic carrots would last me as a single person 1 week but for a family of 5 it’s gone in one meal. So when it comes to choosing between a 50p LARGE bag of standard carrots or £1 SMALL organic, you have to be wise.

It saddens me that I can’t have it my way, that I can’t have everything organic, BUT I am grateful that my family have helped me by eating AIP too. There’s less stress and everybody understands what I can and can’t eat! I’m lucky enough to sometimes come home and find an AIP meal has been cooked for me!

I’m not saying don’t eat organic. BUY WHATEVER YOU CAN! I know that once I have my own home again the majority of what I buy will be organic but the point I’m making here is that you CAN heal without it. I did and you will too.

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4 thoughts on “Is everything I eat organic? No.

  1. Jessica,
    Check out the idea of ” batch cooking” : you cook ALOT of food, for the whole week in about 2-3 ,hrs. If you have 4 people to feed, it will mean buying and cooking ALOT at once. Having a big freezer is very helpful. Get large pots and baking pans to make soups, stew and quantities of meats and roasted veggies. Always cook sweet potatoes when the oven is on – you can have them on hand ready to eat. There are plenty more tips online, just look up sites like autoimmune paleo, phoenix helix, etc.

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  2. Any tips for feeding a family Paleo or especially AIP when raising little ones? I find it hard to have AIP foods around and available all of the time for a family of four. It feels like it would be easier to stick to the AIP diet if I was only feeding myself. I personally need to follow the AIP diet. My family is on board, but it’s so hard to cook that way for everyone all of the time. Thanks.


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