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Review: The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook + UK release!

Starting the Autoimmune Protocol  

FINALLY! You’ve found a potential solution to your autoimmune disorder. You’re taking control. You’re going to change your diet. You’re going to embrace everything and the idea of it is already making you feel better! You then look at the food list, take a wander around the supermarket and it suddenly dawns on you. Holy crap. What am I going to eat today?!

I PROMISE you that the Autoimmune Protocol isn’t as hard as it first sounds. There is plenty you can eat; you just need a little inspiration. A few days after purchasing The Paleo Approach and gobbling up all the information I could about how and why AIP works, I realised that I needed some help with meal ideas. What I could and couldn’t eat was clear to me but I needed recipes to show me how to put it all together in a way that still resembled ‘normal food’.

I already knew how to cook so I had no problems in this department. In fact I loved cooking but I was used to making Indian curries with a deliciously long list of spices, creams and grains or Spanish dishes containing every nightshade imaginable. It was summer when I began AIP so salads were the most obvious option especially as I didn’t want to spend all of my time cooking. Dinner mostly resembled stir-fry of any flavour and vegetable combination I could find or steak and a heap of greens.

Naturally this kind of repeated meal rotation gets boring. I wanted my plate to look like everybody else’s and I wanted meals that I could serve to friends and family that wouldn’t be questioned. Meals that aren’t obviously paleo, restricted, flavourless or minimal. The solution came to me in the mostly aptly named ‘The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook’ by Mickey Trescott.

I had recently discovered her shared blog with Angie Alt at and it was reading their stories that pushed me to abandon the Specific Carbohydrate Diet that I had been experimenting with for a month. It made sense to me that dairy was an out-right no and something as seemingly innocuous as tomatoes could be problematic for inflammatory conditions. I was also ecstatic at the idea that sweet potatoes and parsnips (starchy veg) were back on the menu.


What’s in the book?

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook is one of the best resources I purchased last year because it’s not just a recipe book; it’s a guide to navigating the protocol from a time management and budget perspective too. You’ll find it contains comprehensive lists of foods to include and avoid, how to stock your pantry, instructions on how to make gut healing foods, tips and tricks and two complete 4-week meal plans.

In fact, if you’re limited by money and can only afford to buy ONE book related to AIP, this could be it. You won’t get all of the science behind the diet and the lifestyle or supplementary advice for autoimmune healing like The Paleo Approach or A Simple Guide to the Autoimmune Paleo, but you will get the help you urgently need to get started – SHOPPING. FOOD. COOKING. And a happy tummy.

The book is perfectly divided by food type and is so easy to navigate – all bases are covered. You’ll find recipes for:

Kitchen Basics (Bone broth, sauerkraut, kombucha, water kefir, rendered animal fat, coconut concentrate and coconut milk)
Appetisers and Snacks
Dressings and Sauces (including BBQ, Nomato and Mayo!)
Soups and Stews
Beef and Lamb
Sweet Treats

I have plenty of favourites from this book and I’ve featured a few on instagram since I began AIP last year.

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook | Whole Earth Life

All of the recipes are easy to follow and ranked in difficulty so you have an idea of what you’re getting yourself into before you’ve chopped all the veg! No really, nothing is too difficult and I enjoyed cooking all of these meals. Can you guess which is my favourite? Moroccan Lamb Stew of course. It’s made without a single seed-based spice! It’s absolutely delicious and totally flavourful; nobody would guess the typical cumin has been omitted.

On a different note, what I love about this book is the aesthetics. I’m a fiend for good-looking books, the kind that look great on the coffee table. This is one of them. The photography is stylish and modern, all of the design is slick and in this new UK edition the pages are thick like card. Beautiful! ❤

I’m not interested in reviewing lots of cookbooks for the sake of publicity or a little extra money but I’ve chosen to review Mickey’s because I genuinely used it when I started AIP. My blog is honest and I don’t promote products unless I believe they help. I know this book will help you as much as it did me. You can find The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook here on amazon – it is being released in the UK on 7th April 2016. 

Please note that the amazon link I have provided is an affiliate link. This means that I receive a small commission from Amazon for every purchase of this book (including anything you buy additionally). If you use the link I have provided you will help me to raise a little money for the maintenance of this blog and toward paying my tuition fees at The College of Naturopathic Medicine where I am studying to become a Therapist.

Lots of love

Stella x





8 thoughts on “Review: The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook + UK release!

  1. Hey!

    Is this a brand new cookbook or an update from previous:

    Is it a Paleo or Paleo AIP coockbook?

    When can I buy this cookbook on Amazon?

    Is it available to purchase with a language other than English.

    Have a hard time finding Paleo AIP cookbooks in Swedish, someone that you know about and can recommend?


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