AIP in the U.K. - Week 1: Waitrose | Whole Earth Life

AIP in the U.K. – Week 1: Waitrose

Hello! Welcome to my new regular post to help people following AIP in the U.K. There are so many blogs out there for our U.S. friends and plenty of guidance on where to find compliant foods but nothing for us folk across the pond. I want to show you that you don’t need to shop in fancy health stores to find things you can eat; our big supermarkets have a lot to offer too. Each week I’m going to hunt down five AIP foods from each store including Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Tesco, Morrison’s and Aldi. I’ll be looking for a range of items – something sweet, something to snack on, convenience foods or unusual fruits and vegetables to try. I’ll include one additional paleo reintroduction for you to consider because I think it’s important to remember that AIP isn’t forever.

So what’s at Waitrose this week?

Awfully Posh Pork Scratchings | Whole Earth Life

Organic Chicken Livers | Whole Earth Life

Organic Avocado Oil | Whole Earth Life

Purple Sweet Potatoes | Whole Earth Life

St Dalfour Strawberry Jam | Whole Earth Life

Organic Cumin Seeds | Whole Earth Life


Next week I’ll show you some of my favourites from Sainsbury’s. I hope you’ve found this post helpful. Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

Stella x x









16 thoughts on “AIP in the U.K. – Week 1: Waitrose

  1. So glad I found you. I am AIP and live in Sydney Australia but am travelling in 1 months time to the UK for work (and staying in Windsor). I will rock into Waitrose to find some AIP snacks….but otherwise will be staying in a hotel (and unfortunately restaurant food otherwise). DO you have any suggestions for dining out (in Windsor especially) while I am in the UK?


    • Hi Sally, I’m so glad you like the post! You’ll notice I also have second one for Sainsbury’s and will be posting weekly with other popular supermarkets. Unfortunately I don’t know Windsor at all so I can’t make any recommendations but I generally find that French restaurants are the easiest places to eat at because they generally offer a lot of meat and vegetables. I often just ask to sub my potatoes for more vegetables. Always check what’s available in the ‘sides’ section of the menu – I make all of my subs based on this. Also, I never worry about what oils are used for cooking and I even don’t fuss over a small amount of butter used in cooking if it cannot be avoided. But everybody is different – I understand some people might not be able to tolerate that.


    • Hi Sally – I live in Windsor but have not been eating out much since I stated AIP. There are a couple of restaurants in Eton (5 min walk over river from Windsor) that are good gluten free options and that cater fairly well for allergies etc so I think you’d be able to get something AIP compliant – cooking oil might be the tricky bit from an AIP perspective but they do have gf sweet potato fries. These restaurants are Fishcraft ( and Flaming Cow ( . There is a large Waitrose in Windsor town centre.

      This may also be useful – gluten free list only but I have found that restaurants that offer gluten free tend to also be accommodating for other food allergies/restrictions.


  2. Stella, Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! It is so helpful and highly appreciated! I have been suffering from alopecia areata for around 7 years and this diet is my hope to finally recover. I, however, find it a little bit difficult as I’m sometimes unsure on whether what I eat are the correct things. I normally cook with olive oil and I do eat dry figs. I have also started drinking not made from concentrate orange juice from waitrose. I hope these are fine but I would be grateful if you could give me your advice. Also, I’m unsure what kind of sausages I can eat as all are made with flour. Thank you Stella


    • Hi Jaione! I’m so glad you find the posts helpful. Olive oil is absolutely fine for cooking – just make sure it’s extra virgin. Dry figs are fine too (I love them!) but be careful not to eat loads because they’re high in sugar. If you can I would recommend keeping orange juice to an absolute minimum because it’s super high in sugar. For example in one glass there is the juice of 6 to 8 oranges which you can gulp down pretty easily. Now imagine eating 6 oranges in one sitting – you’d feel pretty sick right?! The best sausages I’ve managed to find are not 100% AIP but they’re pretty close – they contain a few spices (but not nightshade) like cumin and black pepper and of course a few preservatives but no flour and they’re touted as the most paleo sausages in the U.K. They’re the 97% Pork Sausages from Marks & Spencers.
      Good luck with AIP! x


      • Re. sausages, I’d recommend asking a local butcher. I asked mine and he was able to make me 100% AIP compliant sausages with organic pork.(no fillers, just a few compliant herbs and meat) They are about the same price as the M&S ones you mention above.

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  3. Very helpful post. I find it can be frustrating when it’s difficult to find or expensive to buy an ingredient from a US post. I look forward to the next one. I will look out for the purple sweet potato next time I’m in waitrose.


      • Yes! I prefer them to the orange sweet potato. They’re getting more popular and easier to find. You had a post a while ago for the ginger snap biscuits. Where did you get the cassava flour from? I’m finding that tricky to find other than an expensive shipping from the US.


      • Oh yes that was going to feature in my ASDA post. It was the brand ‘Tropical Sun’ which you can find in the world foods section normally under Caribbean. I imagine you can also find it in a lot of African or West Indies food stores too. It’s quite gritty though so you need sieve it first. I imagine the lovely Otto’s brand they sell in America is much nicer!


      • Thanks for that. Yes, I hear Otto’s is the in thing, but I’ll look out for the other brands you mentioned. I look forward to your next supermarket post!


    • Hi Stella & Jen,

      Thank you so much for your comments! Very helpful indeed!

      I will definitely enquiry to our local butchers and try the M&S sausages.

      Stella, thank you for letting me know about the orange juice – I will definitely keep it to a minimum! I am happy with sparkling water and thanks a lot for the new Sainsbury’s post. Great suggestions!

      Thank you


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