AIP in the U.K. - Tesco | Whole Earth Life

AIP in the U.K. – Week 3: Tesco

Hello hello! Welcome to week 3 of the AIP shopping in the U.K. series. If you missed the first two weeks you can find them here: Week 1: Waitrose and Week 2: Sainsbury’s.

My local Tesco is absolutely enormous so the choice there is endless. I may even have to include a second post just on fruit and veg ideas! Remember of course that some of these items can be purchased in other stores and sometimes they’re on special offer so if you can, try not to limit yourself to your local – shop around!

Tesco Butternut Spaghetti | Whole Earth Life

Tesco Organic Medjool Dates | Whole Earth Life

Tesco CoYo Coconut Yoghurt | Whole Earth Life

Tesco Groovy Food Coconut Oil | Whole Earth Life

Dragonfly Rooibos Early Grey | Whole Earth Life

Dark Chocolate | Whole Earth Life


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