I’m taking a break

Hi Everyone!

You may have noticed I’ve been quiet these past few weeks and probably will be for a while. As much as I love helping you all, it is becoming very difficult for me to sustain the blog while working full time and studying to become a Nutritional Therapist. I’ve got lots of coursework and exams on at the moment and I’m trying to use all the time I’ve got outside of my job to work on all of this. Living with autoimmunity is not just about eating well, it’s also about managing stress levels, finding time to rest AND play.

I’m just taking some time out at the moment to refocus and not overstretch myself so I won’t be answering any private or public messages for a while.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for any kind of AIP information, other blogs and AIP recipes, please check out this awesome resources page over at Autoimmune Paleo. 

Best of luck with your healing journey! I hope to be back at the end of the summer. x x


8 thoughts on “I’m taking a break

  1. Hi Stella, not sure if you still log on to your blog but how has your progress been? I went off the AIP Diet and started to notice small bald spots again


    • Hi Sabrina, sadly I too have bald patches again. They started just before I quit AIP rather than after but have definitely got worse since. I’m not going to follow AIP again, I don’t think it’s the answer. For me I think it’s a hugely emotional problem and I have decided to stop looking for outside ‘cures’; I just need to work on myself. What do you think yours is?


      • I cut out gluten, dairy and processed foods – all my hair grew back and it was growing back thicker and quite quickly. Aside from eating healthier I took fish oil/cod liver oil, iron pills, biotin and b-complex every morning. I was on vacation when I noticed the hair loss so I know stress isn’t my issue in particular, I went to see my doctor and suggested an allergist – on the internet there were a few forums that suggested an allergy test to see if it’s a good issue or maybe environment issue. I will let you know of the outcome after my appointment. Best of luck to you and let me know if you find anything new that works 🙂


  2. Stella, I was recently diagnosed with alopecia and I’ve been doing lots of research when I happened to come across your videos. My spots started very much like yours this past March. It is now june and I can tell it’s getting much worse. I’ve even been considering a wig. I would love to ask you more questions about the disease and how to begin the AIP diet. It seems as if everytime I reach out to someone, I never get an answer and the doctor’s aren’t much help either. Thanks so much.


    • Doctors won’t and can’t tell you what causes your disorders. A holistic doctor probably will, or will at least point you in the right direction. Understand that alopecia areata is caused not only from an auto immune disorder. An auto immune disorder in itself can be triggered by other factors, so just because Stella’s root cause stemmed to an auto immune disorder doesn’t mean that your case is the same. I really urge you to visit an holistic doc (aka ND), one who utilizes frequency apparatus preferably, this way they can tell you exactly what’s causing your patching and what’s going on in your body. Blood analysis and any generic doctor you visit won’t look or have the knowledge, training, and equipment to diagnose your root cause. Very likely if the diets aren’t working, your body is overwhelmed with toxins and infections, stuff like heavy metals, mercury and asbestos exposure, ringworm, candida, psoriasis (there’s different forms of it), and other fungal infections. These things don’t show themselves in obvious symptoms, but rather show up as thick and possibly grooved toenails, unstoppable dandruff, pale or pasty skin, hair feeling frail at the roots, brain fog progressions, unexplained depression, skin breaking out in random places or slight skin discoloration in patches, less hair growth on other parts of your body, hair on your head growing significantly slower than usual, feeling really tired, thyroid disorder, congested nose and throat every morning. Believe it or not about 75% of people in this world are iodine deficient. Iodine is one of the most essential minerals needed for your body to function properly. With iodine deficiency, which you likely are deficient in (especially if you live in USA where our water gets poisoned with fluoride, bromine, chlorine, and other goodies), you body is likely to develop thyroid issues which then affect other organs, like liver, kidneys, stomach, brain, etc.
      Your goal should be to stop consuming any processed foods like snacks or prepped foods, foods that contain GMO, foods made with emulsifiers like soy lecithin and natural flavors, and cheap oil like canola, vegetable, and cottonseed, these are all unnatural and harmful in the long run. Your gut is like your second brain, if you feed it garbage, your overall health will reflect your gut health eventually. Instead eat healthy, eat lots and lots of vegetables, fruits, healthy unmodified, unbleached, and non enriched grains, just don’t overdo on the grains. Eat healthy organic grass fed meat in moderation. Cereals and bread you really have to watch what’s in the ingredients as they put a lot of preservatives, msgs, modified sugars, and artificial flavorings and colors, so again get the stuff with least ingredients, these are likely the least unhealthy, just watch out for ingredients like soy lecithin, cottonseed oil, canola oil, red 40, yellow 5, blue 1, carrageenan, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, bht etc. These are the most common baddies here in the States, not sure where you’re from, but our lovely government in the USA loves to feed us garbage, hence why everyone here is so unhealthy.
      Also if you can do yourself a favor and get some pure baking soda (aka sodium bicarbonate) and some pure unfiltered Apple cider vinegar (one that contains mother – a probiotic). Take half a teaspoon of baking soda and mix with two table spoons of apple cider vinegar, let the mixture settle and then add 1 cup or roughly 250 ml of room temperature water, can be slightly warm, but not too warm or it’ll be ineffective, don’t use cold water either. Do this three times daily, if you can try not eating for about an hour after consuming this. This mix should help alkalize your body over time.
      Another remedy you should try is 1 cup of plain unmodified kefir, add 1 tablespoon of buckwheat flour, add 1 teaspoon of raw honey, and about a garlic clove size worth of ginger root (grated). Mix the 4 ingredients, and you have yourself a super food detox yogurt, leave it in the fridge covered overnight. Have this every morning for at least two weeks, and don’t eat or drink anything except maybe water or freshly brewed green or white teas for three hours after consuming the buckwheat ginger yogurt.
      This stuff helps clear out any buildup in your gut and intestines.
      Here are some other natural healing medicines you should give a try
      ACS200 extra strength advanced cellular (colloidal) silver, this stuff is amazing, it’s a natural antibiotic, you’ll notice your morning congestions disappear within a couple of weeks of using this, you may feel mucus coming up a lot and you may experience random soar throats in the course of the first day or two, that’s normal, it’s your body trying to get rid of bad stuff.
      Agrisept-L is another amazing substance made from grapefruit, lemon, lime, and tangerine seed extracts, it tastes really bitter, but boy does it work.
      Both silver and Agrisept-L should be used internally by mouth and externally on skin/scalp/affected area.
      Mini minerals iodine is another fantastic mineral, I immediately noticed a gush of energy come back, fatigue disappear, and no more achy/sluggish feeling in the morning.
      XenoStat also another amazing source of iodine in a capsule form, also has other useful herbs.
      Detox ND serum, not sure what it did, but my ND thought I needed it, my guess is it must have helped in some form or another with gut healing.
      Humic Minerals/acid, this one is seriously brutal, but surely kills off a bunch of bad stuff brewing in your body. I had this crazy on and off migraine for almost 3 days after starting on this mineral complex. But once the migraines stopped, it really made a difference in how I felt.
      Fulvic minerals is another mineral complex I’m taking.
      In addition to acs200 silver and Agrisept-L, get yourself some clear iodine and supply it in your scalp or just to the areas you think are affected, I personally just pour it in a spray bottle and apply it all over my scalp and even areas of the skin where the skin is breaking out. Your skin will break out a lot while detoxing and healing yourself. Also don’t freak out if you notice uncontrollable headaches, mucus coming up, unusually smelly bowels and urine, that’s all normal and is part of the cleansing process, headaches and mucus should subside within a couple of days, but your skin break outs, smelly bowels and urine will likely continue until your body fully gets rid of all the harmful microorganisms.
      Get yourself some probiotic complex supplements too, take them daily.
      Drink kombucha and kefir both really good sources of probiotics.
      Drink ginger tea, the stuff really helps with oral and gut health, kills bad bacteria, and helps with digestion and bloating, or you can just chew the ginger raw if you can stand the spiciness. Either way, if you follow most of these, preferably all, you will probably see some of not most of your hair come back. But do keep in mind that it won’t take a month or two, buta good while longer most likely. My side patch started to regrow a bit, but not fully, it’s not smooth like it used to be, but had lots of fine grey hairs coming out. The one in the back of my head is barely showing any signs yet, but the hairs seem to be coming back from the outer most parts first, the middle feels like a slight peach fuzz, but no actual growth just yet, so it’s all growing back randomly and unpredictably. I’ve actually had to stop most of my treatments due to funding issues at the moment, but I still drink apple cider vinegar with baking soda, and still having my daily buckwheat ginger yogurt, and still apply iodine to the scalp, and to be honest I should get back to drinking mm iodine, Agrisept-L, silver, and humic Minerals. If you can afford about $150-$300 (USD) every week, this is what all these herbs and serums will run you some last one week some two to three weeks. You may also want to get Total Body Greens which is another super food made out of fruits and veggies into a dehydrated powder form, this will boost your daily intake of fruits and veggies and help your immune system.
      Galactan is another powdered remedy I was drinking prior to having to stop. This stuff helps your gut digest and promote healthy bacteria, you have to mix it with warm water or it won’t dissolve.
      One last important serum is a liver detox, I believe that’s what it was called, just Liver Detox, you’ll notice your skin pores opening up a lot and your skin breaking out even more, but that’s okay since it’s all part of the cleansing process.
      By the waylack, of iodine, leaky gut, and overburdened liver are the three likely causes for alopecia areata outside of autoimmune disorders.
      Hope this helps. Just keep to the formula and you should def see some results. And try to find an holistic doc, seriously. I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, I’m just suggesting what I noticed worked for me and suggest the general herbs and minerals needed to detox/cleans and heal. Every person’s situation is different, so getting informed by a holistic professional would be your optimal choice, but if you want to purely rely on my or Stella’s methods/advices, go for it, just don’t side track and fall back on a poor diet. I’d first suggest weening yourself from precessed and unhealthy foods and beverages, took me about 2-3 weeks before I visited a holistic doc. After you’re comfortable with your new more natural diet, then proceed with a holistic approach. Good luck!


  3. All the best and lots of good luck in everything your doing Stella. Look forward to you return 😉. Take care and stay well,
    Kerrie xx


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