A fresh start – I’m finished with AIP

I’m finished with AIP. In fact, I’m not even eating ‘paleo’. Over the past few months I have been experimenting with all kinds of non-paleo foods such as grains, pseudo-grains, legumes and dairy and I’ve concluded that the paleo diet no longer suits my needs. Before I get into details about how and why, let me just be clear that I am not dismissing or rejecting the benefits of the AIP or paleo diet. Clearly AIP has helped me tremendously to recover from both a Crohn’s flare and Alopecia Areata, but now that I have regained my health I personally believe that AIP no longer serves its purpose for me, particularly because it is limiting my health in other ways.

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AIP in the U.K. - Tesco | Whole Earth Life

AIP in the U.K. – Week 3: Tesco

Hello hello! Welcome to week 3 of the AIP shopping in the U.K. series. If you missed the first two weeks you can find them here: Week 1: Waitrose and Week 2: Sainsbury’s.

My local Tesco is absolutely enormous so the choice there is endless. I may even have to include a second post just on fruit and veg ideas! Remember of course that some of these items can be purchased in other stores and sometimes they’re on special offer so if you can, try not to limit yourself to your local – shop around!

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AIP in the U.K. - Sainsbury's | Whole Earth Life

AIP in the U.K. – Week 2: Sainsbury’s

Thank you all for your great response to my first UK supermarket post – Waitrose. It’s so great to know that you find this stuff helpful! This week I’m sharing some favourites from Sainsbury’s. Some of these items such as the coconut flour, yo yo bears and cauli rice you can find in other stores like Tesco so please don’t feel limited to Sainsbury’s, you may even find them on offer elsewhere, but I’m sharing these to give you an idea of what to look for and to prove that you don’t have to shop on amazon for AIP items.

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Review: The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook | Whole Earth Life

GIVEAWAY: The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook!

Remember I said a UK version of Mickey Prescott’s book ‘The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook’ is being released on 7th April? Measurements all in metric this time!

Well I have one copy to giveaway to somebody in the UK!!
 All you need to do is leave a comment below and like Whole Earth Life on Facebook . I’ll be announcing a winner at 10pm UK time on Wednesday 6th April.

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AIP in the U.K. - Week 1: Waitrose | Whole Earth Life

AIP in the U.K. – Week 1: Waitrose

Hello! Welcome to my new regular post to help people following AIP in the U.K. There are so many blogs out there for our U.S. friends and plenty of guidance on where to find compliant foods but nothing for us folk across the pond. I want to show you that you don’t need to shop in fancy health stores to find things you can eat; our big supermarkets have a lot to offer too. Each week I’m going to hunt down five AIP foods from each store including Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Tesco, Morrison’s and Aldi. I’ll be looking for a range of items – something sweet, something to snack on, convenience foods or unusual fruits and vegetables to try. I’ll include one additional paleo reintroduction for you to consider because I think it’s important to remember that AIP isn’t forever.

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Review: The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook | Whole Earth Life

Review: The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook + UK release!

Starting the Autoimmune Protocol  

FINALLY! You’ve found a potential solution to your autoimmune disorder. You’re taking control. You’re going to change your diet. You’re going to embrace everything and the idea of it is already making you feel better! You then look at the food list, take a wander around the supermarket and it suddenly dawns on you. Holy crap. What am I going to eat today?!
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Cinnamon and Maple Breakfast Hash | Whole Earth Life

Cinnamon and Maple Breakfast Hash (AIP, Paleo, Coconut-free)

I am seriously excited about this recipe. Breakfast can be one of the hardest meals to adapt to on AIP because it is so drastically different to the usual cereal, croissants, toast or eggs that we all love so dearly. I learned to get over this pretty quickly and make friends with avocado, asparagus or leftover dinner first thing in the morning but it hurts when the smell of your family’s sweet cinnamon porridge wafts over you.

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Moroccan Roast Chicken Thighs | Whole Earth Life

Moroccan Roast Chicken Thighs (AIP, Paleo)

With carrots, swede, sweet potatoes, orange juice and sultanas!

I think I might be obsessed with chicken thighs. I laugh at people who choose the breast piece – they’re missing out on all the juice and flavour!! I first developed this obsession a few years ago through my love of indian food. So many of the recipes I followed or restaurants I ate at used thigh meat and discovering just how tender and flavourful it can be was a culinary epiphany. No turning back.
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Why I quit running | Whole Earth Life

Why I quit running.

Is your exercise regime preventing you from healing?

I love running. All through primary school and until year 9 of secondary school I was a super speedy 100-metre sprinter and simultaneously a cross-country runner. These regular after school activities came to a sudden end when I was 14 and underage drinking, smoking and rock clubs were clearly way more fun. Oh yeah, this meditating yogi used to have facial piercings and a multi-coloured mohican. As I slipped out of this phase at 17 years old running made a renewed occurrence in my life but this time as freeing jog in the park, not a regimented training programme. I would run as much as five times a week in the summer and in the winter I would aim for at least twice. If I didn’t run I would notice a considerable difference in my mood and temperament. My Mars-in-Aries energy needed an outlet!
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Is everything I eat organic? No.

Is everything I eat organic? Quite simply, no.

I’ve noticed there is a lot of anxiety in the AIP community about the affordability of organic vegetables and pastured meat and it often leaves people believing that they can’t follow the protocol. That simply isn’t true. If you can’t afford organic, you can’t afford it. That doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from a paleo diet. I have healed tremendously and only a small fraction of what I have eaten has been organic.
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