Part 2: Drug-free Crohn’s Disease – My Story

Yes, yes I know the photo is a little dramatic but hey, so am I! I actually used this image a few months ago for a blog post titled ‘Saying yes to medicine doesn’t mean failure’ and quite rightly, it doesn’t, but probably no more than a week later I deleted it from record.

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Part 1: Diagnosing Crohn’s Disease – My Story

Until now, my blog and videos have been rather alopecia-centric. This is mostly due to the fact that my first ever YouTube video was a bit of a shocker – I revealed my AA bald patches in all their shiny, slimy glory and pledged to eradicate them with a new diet. Naturally, anybody with AA has chosen to follow me on this journey so I’ve tried to share my experience of this particular autoimmune disease in more detail. By following the Autoimmune Protocol I have reversed alopecia and seen incredible hair growth. Of course I am enthralled by this result, but it’s not the greatest achievement with the diet.

Reversing my inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s, is.

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Joining the revolution

And so it begins. I’ve got the symptoms, I’ve got the diagnosis, and now I’ve got the medicine. But not quite what the doctor prescribed; I told him I’m not interested. My medicine? Food. I’m joining the Paleo community in the fight against Autoimmune Diseases. Crohn’s and Alopecia Areata – you’re going down!

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