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Why I quit running.

Is your exercise regime preventing you from healing?

I love running. All through primary school and until year 9 of secondary school I was a super speedy 100-metre sprinter and simultaneously a cross-country runner. These regular after school activities came to a sudden end when I was 14 and underage drinking, smoking and rock clubs were clearly way more fun. Oh yeah, this meditating yogi used to have facial piercings and a multi-coloured mohican. As I slipped out of this phase at 17 years old running made a renewed occurrence in my life but this time as freeing jog in the park, not a regimented training programme. I would run as much as five times a week in the summer and in the winter I would aim for at least twice. If I didn’t run I would notice a considerable difference in my mood and temperament. My Mars-in-Aries energy needed an outlet!
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Is everything I eat organic? No.

Is everything I eat organic? Quite simply, no.

I’ve noticed there is a lot of anxiety in the AIP community about the affordability of organic vegetables and pastured meat and it often leaves people believing that they can’t follow the protocol. That simply isn’t true. If you can’t afford organic, you can’t afford it. That doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from a paleo diet. I have healed tremendously and only a small fraction of what I have eaten has been organic.
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Reintroductions: Where I stand – Feb 2016

I’ve intended to write this post for a while now but I’ve been slowed recently by my search for a new job, studying, and lots of changes at home. Just as I finally got down to typing last week I was struck with my first cold in YEARS!! I’ve been aware that despite being incredibly ill with crohn’s, a bout of arthritis and on-going alopecia over the past few years, I haven’t once caught the flu or even a brief cold! It then occurred to me that this may actually have been down to the fact that my immune system had been on such overdrive with it’s attack response that those little bugs didn’t stand a chance! Until now. YAY! I see it as a good sign that I caught a cold; it tells me that my immune system has genuinely calmed down. I was pretty chuffed!

Anyway, down to business. A popular question I receive from followers is:

‘How do you manage reintroductions and gauge reactions with a condition like alopecia, which, doesn’t make itself apparent until it’s too late and the hair has already fallen?’
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Ginger Snap Biscuits (AIP, Paleo)

In some countries the traditional ginger snap/nut biscuit is more of a seasonal treat around Christmas time but here in the UK we love a good biscuit with a cup of tea any day of the week; ginger or otherwise! I didn’t indulge in any AIP treats over christmas, not because I was deliberately restricting myself, but purely because I am so out of the habit that I was more interested in the juicy (and way more nutritious) mango that was bulging in the fruit bowl. However, this past weekend I had a little craving for a biscuit to go with my current favourite tea – rooibos early grey, and what better way to make my own than with my beloved ingredient, ginger.

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Alopecia Areata: The Stages of Regrowth

As I went through the dreaded deletion of photos on my phone this week (gosh, I really should have bought more storage!!), I came across some snaps of my hair that I took in the summer of last year. I photographed most of these myself so that I could get a better look at the back of my head rather than to document my progress, but as I look back I’m in awe of how far I’ve come and just how quickly the body can repair itself. Many of you ask me what to expect and what ‘normal’ hair growth looks like so I figured I should share these photos with you and answer a few of those FAQs!

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New Year, New You. Get started on the AIP with this new book! + **GIVEAWAY!**

Happy New Year!!

Just a quick update today to let you know of a new book that has been released by the wonderful Eileen Laird of phoenixhelix.com. She has put together ‘A Simple Guide to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol‘ that is sure to ease you into this transformative diet quickly and positively.
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Alopecia Areata and Hair Care

Among the many questions I receive with regard to Alopecia Areata is the popular “what shampoo do you use?” It’s a fair question; we have been trained by the medical and beauty industries to treat dermatological problems with topical creams, lotions and potions. It’s a fairly new (yet ancient) concept that we can treat such conditions from the inside out. Most of you have heard me tell the story time and time again that quite simply, I changed my diet. But I’m not writing this post to tell you more about the Autoimmune Protocol – you already know, and if you don’t, then I urge you to read my earlier blog post that outlines what to and what not to eat in order to heal.

I want to focus here on how I care for my hair. I know that on youtube there are some seriously annoying trolls who like to dump false claims about magical shampoos and lotions in my comments section – products such as ‘Argan Rain’ to treat AA. Let me be clear, I delete every single one of these comments because they are selling total bullshit that preys on the emotions of vulnerable sufferers of AA. They’re charging something like $100 for that crap!! IT DOES NOT WORK. It’s just another nasty money-making scheme.
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Part 2: Drug-free Crohn’s Disease – My Story

Yes, yes I know the photo is a little dramatic but hey, so am I! I actually used this image a few months ago for a blog post titled ‘Saying yes to medicine doesn’t mean failure’ and quite rightly, it doesn’t, but probably no more than a week later I deleted it from record.

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Moroccan Chicken & Apricot Tagine (Paleo, AIP)

When people ask me what food I miss the most since following AIP they’re often surprised by my less than obvious answer. Yes of course I miss chocolate, I was after all a total sugar monster, and yes I miss patatas alioli and all that Spanish love but more than anything I miss spices. I desperately crave Middle-Eastern and Indian dishes. If I was given a consequence-free ticket to eat whatever I want for the day I’d take myself down to a Brick Lane curry house, a Persian or Moroccan souk restaurant and gorge until I could no longer breathe.

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Part 1: Diagnosing Crohn’s Disease – My Story

Until now, my blog and videos have been rather alopecia-centric. This is mostly due to the fact that my first ever YouTube video was a bit of a shocker – I revealed my AA bald patches in all their shiny, slimy glory and pledged to eradicate them with a new diet. Naturally, anybody with AA has chosen to follow me on this journey so I’ve tried to share my experience of this particular autoimmune disease in more detail. By following the Autoimmune Protocol I have reversed alopecia and seen incredible hair growth. Of course I am enthralled by this result, but it’s not the greatest achievement with the diet.

Reversing my inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s, is.

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